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2015: In the media


Refused love letter300-year-old voices in a stash of unopened letters
The Boston Globe
Kevin Hartnett explores the Signed, Sealed, and Undelivered project for the “Brainiac” column.




where-w-we-live(AUDIO) Preserving Our History One Letter at a Time
WNPR’s Where We Live
A look at the history and art of letter-writing.





Brienne trunkIn a groundbreaking international digital humanities project, Jana Dambrogio, the Thomas F. Peterson Conservator, joins a team in analyzing 2,600 recently rediscovered early modern letters:

MIT Libraries explore 17th-century postal archive in “Signed, Sealed, and Undelivered”
MIT News

‘Letterlocked’ Trove: X-Rays to Peer into Sealed 17th-Century Notes
Live Science

Undelivered letters shed light on 17th-century society
The Guardian


1775-letter-sealA Trove of ‘Letterlocking,’ or Vintage Strategies to Deter Snoops
The New York Times
Eve Kahn profiles Thomas F. Peterson Conservator Jana Dambrogio’s work identifying examples of letterlocking.