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In the media

APRIL 2022

In the history lab, delving into the South Asian experience at MIT
MIT News
Students in 21H.S04 explore stories of students and faculty from South Asia via oral histories and the Institute Archives/Distinctive Collections.


MARCH 2022

MIT Highlights Distinctive Collections Through “A Lab of One’s Own” Video Game
Library Journal
Distinctive Collections has upped the creativity factor with an immersive video game that allows players to discover archival materials telling the stories of women from MIT’s history.



MIT Hayden Memorial Library by Kennedy & Violich Architecture
Architectural Record
Kennedy & Violich bring a new vision to the Hayden Library at MIT




Immersive video game explores the history of women at MIT
MIT News
“A Lab of One’s Own” invites players to engage with archival materials in a virtual environment.




How European Royals Once Shared Their Most Important Secrets
The New York Times
Recent research highlights the use of letterlocking techniques by Queen Elizabeth, Catherine de’ Medici and Mary Queen of Scots.