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Spotlight: Open Access Week 2016

International Open Access Week is October 24-30. To celebrate the week and its 2016 theme, “Open in Action,” we’re highlighting the ways the MIT Libraries can help researchers make their publications and data more openly available.

Spotlight: Gravitational waves resources

Open access resources on LIGO & gravitational waves, an annotated collection of technical reports, peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, and theses freely available in the DSpace@MIT repository that describe work done at MIT, from the earliest science to post-detection research.


MIT open access policy

MIT faculty passed an open access policy in 2009. Learn more about the policy and how to make papers openly available, get download statistics on your papers, or waive the policy.


Research funder requirements

Learn about major US research funder open access requirements for publications and data.


Copyright & publishing

Information on copyright law and how to use content from others’ work in your own publications.


About us

Meet the Scholarly Publishing staff and find out how to contact us.