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About us

The future of knowledge depends on libraries. That future starts here.

Our vision? A world where more people have access to knowledge and more voices are heard. Where tools and solutions can be networked, shared, and “hacked.” Where knowledge not only provides answers, but empowers and inspires. We think libraries can help build this world. Let’s get started.

Design for Hayden Library Renovation Takes Shape

The design concept, “Research Crossroads,” aims to create more flexible and welcoming spaces, maximizing views and natural light.

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MIT's Great Dome

MIT Signs Open Access Agreement with ACM

New open publishing model is a collaboration with the University of California, Carnegie Mellon, and Iowa State University.

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Heather Yager

The Computational Library

A Q&A with Heather Yager, associate director for technology, on the role of libraries in enabling computational research.

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Here’s how we plan to contribute to a world with enduring, abundant, equitable, and meaningful access to information.

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