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Planning the future of library spaces

Planning the future of library spaces

Envisioning Hayden Library

In its 2016 report, the Future of Libraries Task Force challenged MIT to tackle a critical question: How can we use space across the Libraries to best meet the ongoing and emerging needs of the MIT community? By pursuing a renovation of Hayden Library, we’re imagining how physical spaces can reflect the library of the future — one that’s more open and participatory and that invites users to make connections between ideas, collections, and each other.

Why Hayden?

Hayden Library plays a key role on campus because of its prime physical location and size. It has potential to bring together members of the MIT community across departments and schools, in ways both formal and informal. At 70 years old, Hayden is also a prime candidate for renewal, and its architecture offers opportunities to design new approaches to library space without requiring a full renovation of Building 14.

At the same time, we will consider how all library spaces across campus work together as a whole to serve the MIT community and will continue to explore improvements throughout our locations.

Guiding principles

MIT’s Library Space Planning Group identified four primary functions of space in a research library — holding, learning, community, and creating. Read more about our vision for each within Hayden Library. View these guiding principles.

Planning activities

MIT has engaged Kennedy Violich Architects to work with the Institute to plan for the next version of Hayden. We have completed pre-design activities with KVA and are now in the design phase.

With the renovation project now approved, the Libraries will begin sharing information and seeking input to inform the design and construction phase. Please watch this space and the Libraries’ news for updates and events.