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Future Spaces

Planning the future of library spaces at MIT

Future Spaces

The mission of great research libraries has always been to advance research and learning by ensuring immediate and enduring access to the scholarly record and to the tools and expertise necessary to discover, use, and create knowledge. At MIT, our libraries are interdisciplinary spaces, virtual and physical, where students, faculty, and other community members can find the resources, technologies and expertise they need to advance knowledge and to serve the world.

Transformative changes in culture, technology, publishing, research, and pedagogy require equally transformative changes in research libraries; both in response to a changing scholarly landscape and as a catalyst for new ways of producing, using, and preserving knowledge. As MIT takes the lead in helping to reinvent the future of education, so too must we take the lead on reinventing the future of research libraries.

With the recent formation of an Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of Libraries, we will provide the platform for the kind of community engagement required to build commitment and enthusiasm around a shared vision for the future of the MIT Libraries.

We encourage students, faculty, staff, and other community members to visit the website often and share your ideas!