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Hayden renovation project facts

Project facts

  • LEED Gold Certification
  • Goal of two star certification under the Fitwel rating system. The system supports healthier workplace environments to help improve occupant health and productivity.
  • New all-gender restrooms throughout Building 14 provide equitable access for all members of the MIT community.
  • The library is the first MIT construction project to target “‘Red List Free” materials for all interior finish materials and fabrics. Careful selection of materials create a healthier space for the community. It also allows safer work environments for manufacturers and product installers. Careful selection of materials include:
    • cork floors
    • felt ceiling baffles
    • carpet
    • wood panels
    • furniture upholstery
    • low-VOC paints
    • adhesives and sealants
  • Hayden Library is the first project on the MIT campus to use 1.0 gallon-per-flush toilets. This will result in water savings of 90,000 gallons per year over conventional toilets. Additionally MIT will save 35,000 gallons per year over other low-flow fixtures on campus
  • Energy upgrades include:
    • Replacing single-pane glass in the large bay windows with high-performance sealed insulated windows. This will dramatically reduce thermal losses
    • Updating existing air-handling units and perimeter radiators with new controls to optimize energy use
    • Upgrading all lighting to low-energy LEDs controlled with daylight and occupancy sensors
    • Careful selection of EnergyStar appliances throughout the building

Project team

  • Architects: Kennedy & Violich Architecture
  • Construction manager: Elaine Construction
  • Landscape architects: Stephen Stimson Associates Landscape Architects, Inc.
  • MIT client team: Joyand Charles, Sonia Richards, Chris Bourg, Tracy Gabridge, Alexia Hudson-Ward, Howard Silver, Trademark Partners