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About Hayden

Hayden Library (14S-100)

Mailing address:
77 Massachusetts Ave., 14S-100
Cambridge, MA 02139

Street address:
160 Memorial Drive


Architect: Voorhees, Walker, Foley & Smith
Built: 1951
Named after: Charles Hayden (1870-1937), an MIT alum (1890) who studied “mining investment.” He was also a financier and philanthropist.

The Hayden Library, located along the Charles River, is home to the Humanities and Science collections. It also boasts some of the best spaces on campus for studying.  Students love spreading out on large tables in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, with inspiring views of the Charles River and Boston beyond.


  • Humanities collections, including archeology, foreign language and literature, and theater arts
  • Science collections, including planetary science, neuroscience, and astronomy
  • “Fun” books, popular and classic films on DVD, manga/graphic novels, travel, and more
  • More information about Hayden collections

Fun fact:

The Hayden Library was completed in 1951 by the firm of Voorhees, Walker, Foley & Smith.  It’s an excellent example of post-World War II Art Moderne style. A book was published about Hayden Library in 1946, 4 years before construction on the building began.