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Spotlight: MIT Libraries and Faculty Committee on the Library System on UC-Elsevier Deal

As a community committed to the open sharing of knowledge, we at MIT stand in solidarity with our University of California colleagues in the broad goal of advancing openness and equity in scholarly communications, and have been following their negotiations with the publishing giant Elsevier with great interest.

At MIT, we have innovated and experimented in open access models for many years.  Our experience has led us to become increasingly concerned about the implications of per-article payment models that serve as the basis for the UC–Elsevier and other agreements. 


Open access policies at MIT

MIT faculty passed an open access policy in 2009; as of April 2017, all MIT authors can opt in to open access via a license. Learn more about how to make papers openly available, get download statistics on your papers, or waive the policies.


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Learn about major US research funder open access requirements for publications and data.


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Information on copyright law and how to use content from others’ work in your own + publishing support at MIT.


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