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Building 14 Courtyard events use policy

Use of Building 14 Courtyard for non-Libraries events

The Libraries’ primary mission for our public spaces is to support the scholarly research and educational needs of MIT students, faculty, and other academic staff. Additional considerations apply to requests to use the Building 14 Courtyard: this space is intended primarily as a restorative, contemplative space for MIT community members.

Use of the courtyard for private events makes it unavailable for regular use and may conflict with the use of the Lewis Music Library (a quiet study area) and Killian Hall (a performance and rehearsal venue). For these reasons, the Libraries strictly limit the number of private events held in the courtyard while classes are in session, and all requests will be reviewed in light of the primary mission of Libraries’ and Music and Theater Arts (MTA) spaces.

For approved requests, the Libraries expect that all event hosts and their guests will treat our spaces with care and respect and that all related expenses for staffing, cleanup, and damage that may occur will be fully reimbursed by the event sponsor. The following guidelines apply:

  • The event is sponsored by an MIT academic department, administrative office, or officially recognized student, faculty, staff, or employee organization.
  • Student events must have a staff or faculty sponsor who will be on-site during the entire event.
  • Reservations for the courtyard extend only to the outdoor area; the covered portico adjacent to the Lewis Library is not included in the reservation and is not available for private events.
  • All requests must be approved by both MTA and the Libraries (Libraries’ event staff manages the approval process)
  • Events should not interfere with access to and use of adjacent Hayden library space or the covered portico adjacent to Lewis Library at any time, or any adjacent library spaces during normal business hours.
  • Event sponsors must comply with all relevant Institute policies and procedures. See Section 12.5 of MIT Policies and Procedures, as well as other sections listed below.
  • Event sponsors are responsible for their own setup and cleanup, including trash and recycling arrangements. In addition, any other costs associated with the event (e.g. moving furniture, special cleaning, damage repair, staffing), will be charged to the event sponsor.
  • Events must adhere to Fire Safety Codes, and not exceed the maximum occupancy of 150.
  • The Libraries would appreciate acknowledgment in materials regarding the event, as appropriate.
  • Groups planning events must follow MIT event registration procedures and should be familiar with the following sections of MIT Policies and Procedures.

Annual Calendar

  • From the first day of classes until one month before finals — Maximum of one event per month; 30 days notice required
  • From one month before the start of finals through finals period — No events
  • December holiday period — No events
  • Commencement, Reunion, and Orientation periods — Maximum of one event per day
  • Summer and IAP — Maximum of one event per week

Submit a request

MIT academic departments, administrative offices, or officially recognized student, faculty, staff, or employee organizations interested in hosting an event:

Submit a request to use the Building 14 Courtyard


Questions about the use of the Courtyard should be sent to