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Disaster Response Resources

null MIT Libraries staff – please consult the Disaster Response Guidelines.

Collections disasters—such as floods, temperature and humidity fluctuations within library facilities, and pest or mold infestations—can significantly damage library materials, both paper-based and digital. Curation and Preservation Services is committed to caring for these collections.

Please see our preventive care page for more information about the Libraries’ Disaster Preparedness and Response program.

If you have a damaged library item:

  • If the damaged item belongs to the MIT Libraries, please contact the MIT Libraries immediately or use the Ask Us! form (MIT only). MIT Libraries staff should follow the Disaster Response Guidelines.
  • If the damaged item is your personal copy, please see the “If your personal collections are damaged” section below.

If your campus office is flooded:

Curation and Preservation Services staff will provide advice to MIT employees and affiliates whose on-campus collections have been damaged by flooding or other disasters. Call 617-253-5282 or send an email message to during working hours (M-F, 9:00-5:00).

If your personal collections are damaged:

Please visit our personal collections care page for advice and resources.