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The collections of the Institute Archives detail the activities of MIT and the members of its community. For information on access to the Institute Archives, see our Statement on Accessing Institute Records.

Note: Please see the Manuscripts collection for the personal archives of MIT faculty members and alumni.

Letter to William B. Rogers

1856 letter addressed to MIT’s Professor William B. Rogers. Distinctive Collections, MIT Libraries.

Government and administration

The administrative history of MIT offers critical insight into how MIT has evolved over time in response to internal forces at the Institute, as well as external changes and trends. This history is captured in the records of MIT presidents, provosts, and other offices responsible for the governance and management of MIT. The collections also include the records of the MIT Corporation (MIT’s board of trustees).

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Academic and research units

MIT is comprised of a wide variety of academic and research units, which are referred to as departments, labs, and centers (DLCs). DLCs include the individual academic departments within MIT’s six schools, as well as interdisciplinary labs, centers, and programs.

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Student and community organizations

The records of the many important student and community organizations make up a growing portion of the Institute Archives collections. The organizations include fraternities and sororities, ethnic and cultural associations, and clubs whose members share common interests or hobbies.

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Institute publications

The Institute Archives also includes publications produced by MIT and its faculty and students, including yearbooks, theses and dissertations, technical reports, and more.