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Wunsch Conservation Lab


Preserve information, protect and promote the conservation of MIT’s tangible collections through thoughtful collaboration, innovation, research, and discovery to inspire and engage.


The Wunsch Conservation Laboratory supports the mission of MIT and our Libraries to preserve information. Our daily practice includes applying and enthusiastically sharing what we learn—to conserve the integrity of tangible materials for our community to have access to feel connected to our collections. We create resources and programming to serve our campus, local, and global communities, to help all to understand why the preservation of tangible collections if vital for humankind to connect to the past as we prepare for our future.

Wunsch Lab - teaching session

Our work

We realize our mission through a variety of activities and programs. Artifact conservation intersects with innovation, teaching, research, and exhibitions. Our conservators are hand bookbinders and draw on their training to develop sustainable practices and engaging workshops.

Our team advocates for preserving the integrity of original collections for direct access. Students join our team as undergrads, grads, student workers, or UROPs to learn conservation skills. We also partner all over the world and on campus with colleagues in CSAIL, DMSE, and SHASS..


We continue to build our teaching collection which includes tools and materials, old and new. Professors may inquire about our hands-on instruction. In our Lab, students may experiment with traditional techniques to bind a book, form a sheet of papyrus, or lock a letter. Class visits to the Lab are by appointment only and may be scheduled using our class request form

For questions or to contact the lab, please email