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Projects and Initiatives

From early document security and authentication, to jazz, to the deep history of MIT, the projects and initiatives of the Department of Distinctive Collections cover a wide terrain. We welcome you to explore —

  • Herb Pomeroy Jazz Collection
    The Herb Pomeroy Jazz Collection was generously donated by the Pomeroy family. This rich collection contains materials spanning from the early 1940s to Pomeroy’s passing in 2007. It showcases Pomeroy’s musical and teaching careers, as well as his personal life.
  • Letterlocking
    Letterlocking refers to the technology of folding and securing an epistolary writing substrate to function as its own envelope – a vital communications technology before the invention of the mass-produced envelope in the 19th century.
  • MIT and Slavery
    Students in the “MIT and Slavery” course are documenting how slavery influenced the career of William Barton Rogers (the founder of MIT), how it facilitated the establishment and early success of the Institute, and its role in the rise of science and engineering in the pre-Civil War United States.
  • MIT History
    This site connects you to exhibits, information, and interesting facts about the rich history of MIT. There is information on a variety of MIT topics: the Institute, MIT Community and Life@MIT, Education and Research, Initiatives and Impacts, and MIT Facts.
  • 150 Years in the Stacks
    This online exhibit took shape during MIT’s sesquicentennial celebration in 2011. Each day for 150 days, we shared a single item from the Libraries’ collections, each item representing one of the years since MIT’s founding in 1861. On day one, we showed an item published in 1861. Day two, 1862, etc.
  • Women@MIT
    The Women@MIT archival initiative aims to highlight MIT’s women faculty by acquiring, preserving, and making accessible their personal archives. The project is made possible through the generous support of Barbara Ostrom ’78 and Shirley Sontheimer.