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Reformatting services are provided by the Collections Preservation and Reformatting (CPR) unit of Conservation and Preservation Services. CPR is responsible for the reformatting of a range of paper-based and media materials from both the special collections and the general collections. Reformatting is either completed in-house or outsourced. CPR also provides fee-based digitization of both text-based and image-based materials for the MIT community. The Digital Curation and Preservation unit of CPS becomes responsible for the curation and preservation of the reformatted content once it is in digital form.

CPR staff provide the services listed below as part of a broader suite of services offered for digitization projects of MIT Libraries materials:

  • Condition assessment of physical items to determine suitability for reformatting
  • Providing recommendations about reformatting options to content creators and curators
  • Liaise with reformatting vendors
  • Physical preparation of items for reformatting
  • Post-project processing of originals for shelving or storage
  • Quality control of resulting digital files for return to content curators
  • Coordinating with the Digital Curation and Preservation unit of CPS for the long-term management of the digital content