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Conservation and Preservation Services

Ensuring access to content for current and future scholars

Conservation and Preservation Services

Conservation and Preservation Services is dedicated to ensuring that content in any form – digital, print, or media-based –  is accessible to current and future scholars. This includes all content created by MIT or acquired by the Libraries that is relied upon for ongoing research and instruction. More about our services…

Our services

We provide comprehensive conservation treatments for all types of physical materials including rare books, archival documents, and artifacts. Read more…

nullDigital Curation and Preservation
We devise solutions to enable long-term access, across generations of evolving technology, to the growing range of digital content containing the Institute’s scholarly output and historical record. Read more…

nullPreventive Care
We take measures to ensure that the MIT Libraries’ collections are protected from a range of preservation threats such as pests, humidity, high temperatures, disasters, and the wear and tear of regular use.  Read more…

We reformat print materials into digital collections to make items from the MIT Libraries accessible to a global audience. We also provide fee-based digitization for the MIT community. Read more…

Our initiatives

We are involved in numerous initiatives to advance understanding and work in the conservation and preservation fields, including:

  •  Fostering careers in digital stewardship
  •  Outreach programs and classes
  •  Leading international collaborations in digital and special collections preservation
  •  Read more about our initiatives…