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Permanent vs. non-permanent records
The Institute Archives only accepts the permanent, historical records of MIT. For questions about the disposition of non-permanent records, see the Records Management Program.

Transfer form for permanent records
To transfer permanent, historical records created by your office or DLC to the Institute Archives, contact with a description of the records. A member of the Department of Distinctive Collections curatorial team will respond to you within ten business days.

After discussing the transfer of your records with the curatorial team, complete the MIT Records Transfer Form. If your transfer includes more than one box of paper records, complete an inventory form and attach it to the Transfer Form. If your transfer includes digital materials, fill out the Technical Information section of the Transfer Form.

Instructions on transferring paper records [link out to subpage]

Instructions on transferring digital records [link out to subpage]

Faculty records
To facilitate the donation of a faculty member’s records, please follow the instructions for donating to the Manuscripts collections. [link to the donating to Manuscripts, etc. page]

Additional help
Contact if you have any questions or need further assistance.