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We have different workflows depending on the size of your donation and the location of your files.

If your files are on:

Google Drive, Dropbox or a networked drive:

Provide the Digital Archivist, Joe Carrano (, view/read-only access to the drive or specific folders. Contact your department’s IT or IS&T if you need assistance. We’ll email you to confirm access and the successful transfer of your digital files

A computer and you’re donating 15GB or less:

Transfer using the Digital Transfer Tool. We’ll email you to confirm the successful transfer of your digital files.

A computer and you’re donating 15GB or more (three options):

  • Make a copy and deliver to us. Copy the digital files to an external hard drive or USB drive and tell us via email when you’ll deliver the files to the DDC Reading Room (14N-118). Be sure to specify the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) the files are formatted in.
  • You come to us – bring your laptop to the reading room in 14N-118 and we’ll transfer the files directly from your machine. Email to schedule an appointment.
  • We come to you – an MIT archivist will come to your office to retrieve the records directly from your computer. Email to schedule an appointment.

Questions? Please contact for assistance.