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Mathematicall Recreations, or, A Collection of Sundrie Problemes Extracted out of the Ancient and Moderne Philosophers, as Secrets in Nature and Experiments in Arithmeticke, Geometrie, Cosmographie, Horologographie, Astronomie, Navigation, Musicke, Opticks, Architecture, Staticke, Machanicks, Chimestrie, Waterworkes, Fireworks, &c., 1633











The Vail Collection is home to a number of scientific landmarks, books whose significance has only increased with each passing century. The likes of Peregrinus’ De Magnete and Robert Boyle’s New Experiments Physico-Mechanical set the Vail Collection among the finest in the world for source material in the sciences.

Sometimes eclipsed by these familiar high spots, however, are the curious circumstances or bibliographic peculiarities that make copies of books in the Vail Collection quirky, unique, and a little more fascinating.

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