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Archnet sees a significant rise in visitors during September

True to form, visitors to Archnet jumped by 24% from August to September. Though Archnet is intended as and has proven to be a resource for both practitioners and scholars of architecture, the number of visitors coming from academic domains increases significantly as the summer comes to an end, and learning management systems from universities start to refer visitors for the first time since the previous July. The number of pages per session in September 2020 rose by 4% over last year, with roughly comparable increases in the number of sessions per user, session duration, and the total number of […]

Archnet in March 2020

54,086 visitors from 187 countries and territories consulted Archnet in March, for a total of 272,731 page views. By far the most downloaded publication continues to be Charles Correa, a volume edited by Hasan-Uddin Khan, surveying the work of the great Indian architect who received his master’s degree from MIT in 1955. Other popular publications included the article “Design Guidelines for Ablution Spaces in Mosques and Islamic Praying Facilities,” a Floor plan and elevation of Bali Pasa Mosque in Istanbul, and Urban Form in the Arab World – Past and Present by Stefano Bianca. The most watched videos were this […]

April by the numbers

Archnet has just published lists of the most popular publications, search terms, and videos for the period of April 1-30. During that period, more than 52,000 users accessed more than 265,000 pages in the site. Visitors came from 186 countries or territories Google recognized countries or territories, with the larges group, nearly 1 in 5, coming from India. They are attracted by the rich library of materials accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. 7,564 publications were downloaded between April 1st and 30th, the most popular of which was a 1985 article on “Contemporary Kuwaiti Houses,” originally published in the […]

Top Pages on Archnet in March 2019

According to Google Analytics, there were 274,014 unique page views in March 2019. Click here to see the most popular publications, videos, and search terms for the month. 

Most Accessed Archnet Resources in July 2018

Once again the most accessed Archnet resource during the month of July was Charles Correa, a volume on the great Indian architect, planner, activist, and theoretician Charles Correa (1930-2015), who studied architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Michigan. Edited by Hasan-Uddin Khan, the volume includes essays surveying his work and the philosophy behind them, including a previously unpublished essay by Correa himself, as well as sections dealing with individual works in detail, including project descriptions, drawings, and photographs. Another popular resource, and the most shared on social media, was a new project including supplemental media to […]

A Typical Morning for Archnet

According to Google Analytics, at 10:34 am EDT this morning there were 19 people using Archnet, and they came from 11 different countries. At the precise moment when we checked the statistics, 7 of those users came from India where it was well into the evening; 3 came from the US where it was morning; and 1 visitor came from each of the remaining 9 countries. 19 visitors from 9 countries on 5 continents is a fairly typical number for that time of a weekday in July.