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Archnet sees a significant rise in visitors during September

Covers and screen grabs of popular Archnet resources in September 2020

Indore. Dialogues in Existence (top left) and Charles Correa: Tara Group Housing (bottom right) were among the most downloaded publications in September. Islamic Gardens at Kings Cross (top right) and Restoration of Shah Burj Gate were the most watched videos.

True to form, visitors to Archnet jumped by 24% from August to September. Though Archnet is intended as and has proven to be a resource for both practitioners and scholars of architecture, the number of visitors coming from academic domains increases significantly as the summer comes to an end, and learning management systems from universities start to refer visitors for the first time since the previous July.

The number of pages per session in September 2020 rose by 4% over last year, with roughly comparable increases in the number of sessions per user, session duration, and the total number of page views. So though the actual number of users did not increase, users did spend more time consulting resources. We hope this is due to an ongoing effort to help users find related resources once they are in Archnet.

In the last posting to this site, we indicated some of the resources in Archnet that are related to World Habitat Day and Urban October, but it is worth pointing out that housing and urban development are topics of ongoing interest for Archnet users. Among the most accessed resources last month were the chapters on housing projects from Charles Correa, a book length survey of projects constructed between 1958 and 1986 by the great Indian architect.  Also heavily downloaded in September was the publication Indore Dialogues in Existence, the published proceedings of a workshop on community architecture and affordable housing supported by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, and conducted by Rizvi College of Architecture in Mumbai, India.

8,969 publications were downloaded from Archnet in September, an increase of over 50% over the same month last year. Views of video content were up by 11%. The word “mosque” remained the most searched for term, but “Tunis,” “India,” and “Bridge School” entered the top 10 search terms.

You can find a report on the most popular downloads, search terms, videos, and publications, with links to access them directly at

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