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This month many students around the world will be going back to class after the break at the end of the academic year. The months of June through August are an interesting time on Archnet because far fewer users are visiting Archnet in the context of a class assignment. Researchers visit in the context of their work, but many users visit the site just to explore new things. Because of this, excepting the top two pages which are always the home page and the search, the statistics for the summer are often atypical.

So, what were the most visited Archnet pages this summer? In this post, we’ll present the Top 10 pages of the summer from 10 to 1.

10) Authorities– This page facilitates browsing of records for people, cities, and organizations such as architectural firms, corporations, nonprofits, and governmental/non-governmental agencies. By default, they are arranged alphabetically, but you can arrange them by date published, or limit it to the records you’ve saved

9) Safari Roof House in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia- Designed by Malaysian architect Kevin Low

Casaroni House

8) Casaroni House in Giza, Egypt- A residence designed by the pioneering Egyptian architect, Hassan Fathy

7) Josephine Powell: Moroccan Folklore– Photographs from a folk festival in the Badi’ Palace in Marrakech by photographer Josephine Powell

6) Dar Al-Islam in Abiquiu, New Mexico- An adobe complex designed by the Hassan Fathy

5) Byron’s Iran and Afghanistan– A collection of photographs taken by Robert Byron during travels through Iran and Afghanistan (1933-1934)

4) Creswell: Egypt– 1345 black and white photographs taken by K.A.C. Creswell during his travels in Egypt

3) Ernst Cohn-Wiener: Central Asia– Black and white photographs of monuments in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan taken by the eminent historian in the 1920s


2) Sites– Browse records of built structures throughout history and worldwide, arranged by date created, alphabetically, or by category

1) Collections– Browse records for the major collections on Archnet, organized by date created alphabetically, or by category

On the other hand, the countries that send the most visitors to Archnet vary little between the summer and academic year, though the order does get shaken up from month to month. The 10 countries that sent the most visitors were:

10) Morocco

9) Canada

8) France

7) Germany

6) Pakistan

5) Egypt

4) Tükiye

3) United Kingdom

2) India

1) United States

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