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Urban October on Archnet

Cover collage for Beirut survey collectionSituated on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, the city of Beirut, is one of the oldest in the world.  Control of the area has been contested throughout its history, and these conflicts have taken their toll on the city’s built environment. But on August 4 the city around the port was rocked by a massive explosion unrelated to armed conflict. The explosion caused the death of hundreds and injuring thousands more.  It also caused billions in property damage, leaving approximately 3000,000 homeless.

Lebanese architect and scholar Ali Khodr is developing a survey on the Built Heritage of Lebanon for Archnet. While not complete, we are making the completed portion of the Beirut survey available now to celebrate the city and its rich heritage.

Logos for Archnet and Urban October eventsThe October update of Archnet also highlights Urban October, a month designated by the UN to raise awareness, promote participation, generate knowledge and engage the international community in the promotion of “Better Urban Futures.” The month begins on the first Monday of October, 5th of October in 2020, with World Habitat Day, and it ends on the 31st with World Cities Day. Follow our social media to see news related to Urban October throughout the month.

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