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Donor spotlights

Why do you support the Libraries?

Photo of Tom Peterson
“I really wanted to preserve rare books for scholars to use 500 years from now.”
— Tom Peterson, Jr. (’57)

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Photo of Jim and Marianne Rothnie
“I loved being a student at MIT.”
— Jim (’70 and ’72) & Marianne Rothnie

Photo of Lionel and Vilma Kinney
“Music was a very important part of my life here at MIT.”
— Lionel (’53) & Vilma Kinney

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photo of Sara Gaucher and Jeff Morrow
“We both have many fond memories of working at the MIT Music Library as undergraduates. Donating to the Libraries has been a great way to keep that connection with the space and the staff.”
— Sara Gaucher (’96) & Jeff Morrow (’96)

photo of Morton Grosser
“The MIT Music Library was an invaluable source of perspective and balance for me during my undergraduate and graduate years. I believe that it’s an even more important asset and educational complement for MIT students in an era of digital technology.”
— Dr. Morton Grosser (’53)

photo of Ursula Burns
“No matter the discipline or department, I have found scholarships and library services to be the great equalizers in the MIT educational experience.”
— Ursula Burns (P ’08)

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Gary and Andrea Gregory
“Being at MIT is all about connections, Gregory said. “To me Libraries are ground zero for making those connections.”
— Gary and Andrea Gregory (SB EECS ’73)

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