Survey snapshot: Library space improvements result from survey feedback

In a Fall 2011 survey we asked the question: “What three improvements to library spaces would best enhance your research or scholarship?” Of the options provided, most in the MIT community wanted…

  • more library hours
  • more tables with power strips
  • more quiet spaces
  • more comfortable seating
  • access to food and drink

…and we’ve made improvements based on your feedback:

  • The Libraries are open approximately 750 more hours this academic year than in the Fall of 2011 when the survey took place.
  • In Rotch Library, power outlets have been installed in the reading room and map areas, and comfortable seating has been expanded.
  • You can now bring snacks and covered beverages into the library. See our new food and drink policy.
  • Barker Library‘s reading room will soon offer a 24/7 access after an extensive renovation. This will more than triple the amount of space currently available in the Libraries for 24/7 study.
  • And we’ve designated several quiet and collaborative spaces. Several group study rooms can be reserved in advance and offer LCD screens with laptop connectors, and video conferencing capabilities.

Ask us or Tell Us more about library spaces, or see additional information about the Fall 2011 library survey.