New Libraries’ Food Policy

We recently conducted a study of how you like to use our spaces. One recurring theme was uncertainty about whether food and drink are allowed in the Libraries and a general desire to have a snack while you are studying. Well, we heard you and developed a standard food policy that applies across the Libraries.

In short, small snacks and covered beverages are fine to have in the Libraries with two exceptions: the Institute Archives and Special Collections, and the Limited Access Reading Room in the Rotch Library.

We do not allow any alcoholic beverages, foods that might leave the library smelling like a deli, Chinese takeout joint, pizzeria etc. or cause crunching sounds to reverberate through the space. We also ask that you leave no trace. All trash should be deposited in appropriate receptacles and spills reported to a staff member.

Please see the Guidelines for Use of the MIT Libraries for the full policy. Signs will be posted in our public spaces soon.