Need a place to store your data?

MIT offers many resources to help

Research projects can quickly result in mountains of data, which makes it essential to find a secure place to store all that information. Fortunately, there are resources on campus to help.

For storage and processing of your data during the active phase of research, there are several options:

Row of school lockers

Photo: AL.Eyad (CC BY 2.0),

  • IS&T offers Athena lockers, which provide storage for DLCs and research labs as well as courses and UROP projects.
  • IS&T also offers Dropbox accounts to all MIT students, faculty, and staff, with unlimited storage capacity and access to data using any web browser.
  • For groups that need to run their own servers, IS&T maintains managed servers and server co-location.

High-performance computing resources include:

In addition, check with your DLC to see if it provides local research computing resources that can be used for data storage and/or access to analysis software.

And of course, don’t forget that wherever your data is stored, it should be appropriately secured and backed up!

Need help with managing your data? Contact the Libraries’ Data Management Services team at