November exhibit highlights theses in DSpace

This month’s Object of the Month exhibit by the Institute Archives and Special Collections highlights the growing number of MIT theses available electronically in DSpace. The paper copies of the more than 110,000 theses written since the first class graduated in 1868 are among the collections in the Institute Archives. The Archives also holds the official records of the Institute, papers of MIT faculty members, MIT publications, and rare books.

Each month the Archives exhibits an “object” to illustrate the richness and variety of its collections and invite their further exploration. A poster is displayed in the exhibit case opposite Room 14N-118 (and the following month in the Libraries’ kiosk at the Stata Center), and a version is created for the Web. Browsing the exhibits at // may whet your appetite for more information about MIT’s history and the extraordinary men and women who are a part of that history.