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Object of the Month Exhibits

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Exhibits by subject (Includes all exhibits)


January The Beacon of Progress, 1900 Beacon of Progress, 1900
February Tech Songs, 1903 Cover of Tech Songs, 1903
March Balloon Prints from the Vail Collection Ascent from Dublin
April Objects and Plan of an Institute of Technology, 1860 Cover of Objects and Plan
May The Perceptual Form of the City: Study directed by Kevin Lynch and Georgy Kepes, 1954-1959 Map used in the study
June The Blashfield Murals in Walker Memorial North wall mural
July Project Whirlwind Project Whirlwind report R-209
September A 1912 Design for the "New Technology" Sketch of cloister design
October Photograph: Junior Varsity Crew, 1924 Photograph of MIT Crew Team 1924
November Galileo's Sidereus Nuncius graphic of book cover
December The Tech, December 20, 1901 image of The Tech newspaper cover page


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