Changes to the Libraries’ recall loan policy

The Libraries recall loan policy is changing effective February 2, 2023.

Books, DVDs, and other 60-day loan materials that you’ve borrowed from the Libraries may still be recalled, but the recall request will no longer shorten your loan period. However, it will prevent you from renewing those materials further. This change guarantees at least an initial 60-day loan period for all eligible materials.

There is one exception. If an item has been requested by instructors or faculty for course reserves, library staff will recall the item, shortening the due date to one week from the time of recall.

The Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Borrowing services are great alternatives for requesting books and DVDs from a partner library when the MIT Libraries’ copy is unavailable. Community members may also suggest a purchase for a digital copy.

We hope this change will better support the community’s teaching, learning, and research.