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BorrowDirect is a service that allows MIT faculty, students, and staff to borrow materials that are not available at MIT from other BorrowDirect institutions and also provides access to these institutions’ library spaces.

Please note: Many academic libraries are closed for in-person visits, either completely or to outside users. Make sure you check a library’s access policy before you visit.

Get delivery of materials to MIT via BorrowDirect

  1. Search BorrowDirect to identify and request materials from BorrowDirect libraries.
  2. Ask Us if you need help finding materials.

Visit partner libraries with BorrowDirect Plus

  1. Search BorrowDirect to discover which partner library has what you need and to confirm the item is available to borrow.
  2. Before you plan your visit, check the location’s hours of operation, access policies, and loan periods.
  3. When you visit the BorrowDirect library, you’ll be asked to present your MIT ID and authenticate into BorrowDirect to demonstrate eligibility – see Authenticating Users on the BorrowDirect Plus page.

BorrowDirect libraries