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Interlibrary Borrowing (ILB) via ILLiad

Requests for physical materials from Interlibrary Borrowing have been suspended until further notice. We continue to fill article and book chapter requests as we are able. For the latest information, see the Libraries’ service updates page.

Interlibrary Borrowing (ILB) is a free service that helps current members of the MIT community access materials not available at the MIT Libraries.

Use ILLiad to make requests and check on, renew, and retrieve requested electronic documents (requires MIT Touchstone authentication):

Access ILLiad

Is ILB/ILLiad the best way to get the materials I need?

  • Be sure to check the Barton Catalog or BartonPlus to see if the item is available at MIT.
  • Are you looking for a book, or other non-article materials (ex. DVDs, CDs, scores)? It’s usually quicker to request these via MIT’s WorldCat – if you find the item there and it has an option to request via Borrow Direct, the turnaround time is almost always quicker than using ILB. If it doesn’t have a BorrowDirect option, then request via ILLiad.
  • ILLiad is the only option for requesting articles. Either manually fill out the form, or if you are already in an article database such as Web of Science, look for the “Get this – MIT SFX” button or link – if it can’t connect you directly to the full text of the article, it will give you an option to go to ILLiad, and will copy and paste the basic citation information automatically into the form (but please add any additional information you have about the item into the form).

Getting help and hints for fast service

  • If you are filling out the ILLiad form manually, be as complete and careful as possible so there aren’t unnecessary delays.
  • Contact Ask Us! if you need reference help to fill out a citation, or to find out if we own an item.
  • Contact the ILB staff if you have questions about an ILLiad request, or about our service:, 617.253.5684.
  • See the ILLiad FAQ for more detailed information.

Interlibrary Borrowing (ILB) service policies

  • All requests must be submitted through ILLiad in order to comply with U.S. Copyright regulations. ILB cannot accept requests via email, telephone or fax.
  • ILB service is provided at no cost to current members of the MIT community.


Due to budgetary constraints, the following types of requests cannot be filled via ILB/ILLiad: