Make Your Legacy Copies Now! June 30 Expiration Date

As some of you may remember, in August of 2008 the Libraries switched from our old copy card system to a Tech Cash-based copy/scanning plan. At that time we offered people the option to roll over previously purchased copies to a plan we called “Legacy Copies.” Those who elected to take advantage of Legacy Copies were given a “Copy/Print Only” card with their rolled-over value.

Well, it’s time to get copying because the deadline for Legacy Copy use is fast approaching! Legacy Copies can only be used until June 30, 2009, after which time they will become invalid on all Library copy/scanning machines. All other copies that were purchased after August 1, 2008 for use with the new Tech Cash plan will still be valid. So if you’ve been waiting to get to the libraries and copy that favorite article of yours–or those 100 favorite articles–wait no longer. Now’s the time!

The complete Libraries FAQ for TechCash in the Libraries can be found here.

Please contact Document Services if you have questions about Legacy Copies.