10,000th paper deposited under MIT Faculty Open Access Policy

This month, the 10,000th paper was added to the Open Access Articles Collection, which houses papers collected under the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy. This important milestone comes as the collection marks its fourth birthday. The collection was created in October 2009, in the wake of the faculty’s adoption of their policy, which makes their scholarly articles openly available on the web.

Sara Seager

Sara Seager

The 10,000th paper was authored by Sara Seager, who just received a MacArthur Fellowship for her work on planets outside our solar system. Her paper “Infrared transmission spectroscopy of the exoplanets HD 209458b and XO-1b using the wide field camera-3 on the hubble space telescope” can be accessed in DSpace@MIT, along with others she has written. Professor Seager comments that “it’s great that MIT is fostering open access of the MIT community’s work.”

And in fact, since the inception of the Policy in March 2009, 37% of the MIT faculty’s articles have been made openly accessible in the Open Access Articles Collection. We reported on a previous milestone, the one millionth download from the Collection, in May.

This news is reported in celebration of International Open Access Week, which begins later in October.

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