Current + Upcoming Exhibits

The Rotch Library Exhibits Program provides members of the MIT community a space to display their ideas and projects.  All exhibits (and text associated with them) are imagined, curated, and mounted by the exhibiting artist(s) or sponsoring organization(s).  The Rotch Exhibits Coordinator works with MIT community members to prepare and install exhibits. 

Grasping Necessity: A Rodeo Portrait
Photographs by Teresa Coates
02.01.16 – 04.01.16


“For these rodeo photographs, I concentrate on moments of strength, of spirit, of tenacity, wild.

Most important to me are emotions that arise from interconnected relationships — animal and human forms. Racing through a timed trial. A successful ride takes practice, skill, and the endurance to simply hang on.

I am mesmerized by the visceral pleasures of photographing rodeos. By the sound of pounding hooves on earth; the smell of animals; the magic of light shifting from day to night; witnessing human courage in the midst of excitement. Success for me is to capture these feelings in photographs, grasping the necessity of passion in plain view.”

Funded (in part) by the Council for the Arts at MIT.

Location: Main Gallery + Reading Room Columns


Window Shopping: Learning from Kigali, Rwanda
Photography by Billy Ndengeyingoma
12.04.15 through 02.28.16

PowerPoint Presentation

This photography series highlights the advertising methods used for retail shops without large display windows in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. In the context of Rwanda’s “Vision 2020″ of becoming a knowledge-based middle income country, how will these evocative storefront typologies fit within or even influence this narrative of progress?

Location: Reading Room Case


AKPIA @ 30 Years, Fall 2016