Current + Upcoming Exhibits

The Rotch Library Exhibits Program provides members of the MIT community a space to display their ideas and projects.  All exhibits (and text associated with them) are imagined, curated, and mounted by the exhibiting artist(s) or sponsoring organization(s).  The Rotch Exhibits Coordinator works with MIT community members to prepare and install exhibits. 

Once More, With Feelies: Video Game Materials
Curated by Matti Karhulahti and Michał Żmuda
04.23.16 – 05.29.16


When talking about digital games, we often forget the materials that surround them – and the fact that playing those games always happens by means of interacting with physical objects. This exhibition is to remind us about the variety of materiality that is present in “digital” play. Showcased objects range from supplemental materials that are sold with the game to input devices, posters and cheat codes in magazines. All of them delineate the activity of gaming by enabling, enhancing, and informing our understanding of the medium itself.

Location: Entrance Case + Reading Room Case


Yards of Faith
Photographs by Sally Chapman
04.05.16 through 05.31.16


“Living on the Somerville/Medford line, I have been fascinated by the statues of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, and various saints that often decorate the yards in the neighborhood. In an era where one’s religious conviction is a private matter, I am drawn to these public proclamations of faith from a previous generation that is often the first on this side of the Atlantic. The shrines have been placed in commemoration of a loved one, of a promise made to God in a time of stress, or as a simple reminder of faith. Some of them are maintained with great care while others have fallen into neglect. They may be left behind to new owners that keep them in the yard out of respect or they disappear with a developer’s eye on modernizing. In photographing these shrines, I have strived to show them in the context of the neighborhood. They are part of the flavor of the area that is in a state of flux.”

Location: Main Gallery + Reading Room Columns


AKPIA @ 30 Years, Fall 2016