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About the MIT Libraries’ Galleries and Exhibit Spaces

Maihaugan gallery displays

Maihaugen Gallery

The MIT Libraries’ Maihaugen Gallery offers a window into MIT’s remarkable special collections. Ongoing exhibits showcase historical documents, photographs, rare books, maps, artwork and more from Distinctive Collections.

The gallery opened in 2008. It was established with the generous support of MIT alumni and friends of the Libraries.


Rotch gallery displays

Rotch Library Gallery

Rotch Library Gallery will suspend exhibits in April 2024. Exhibit proposals will not be accepted until further notice.

Rotch Library Gallery is comprised of a 400 square-foot gallery with two additional display cases and two panels for exhibits focusing on interdisciplinary arts practices, works that push creative intellectual boundaries, and support research. Some topics include but are not limited to architecture, art, photography, design, urban planning, housing, community development, geography, globalization and the environment. The space is also a venue for curriculum-based shows and encourages student exhibits. The gallery is open to the MIT community – students, staff, faculty, and alumni; including members of their immediate families and sponsored affiliates. Exhibitions proposed by individuals or groups not affiliated with MIT will be considered, based on availability and content. The gallery has been exhibiting since the early 1990s.