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This month many students around the world will be going back to class after the break at the end of the academic year. The months of June through August are an interesting time on Archnet because far fewer users are visiting Archnet in the context of a class assignment. Researchers visit in the context of their work, but many users visit the site just to explore new things. Because of this, excepting the top two pages which are always the home page and the search, the statistics for the summer are often atypical. So, what were the most visited Archnet […]

Archnet Sites from A to Z

Archnet is probably the most comprehensive, open access resource on Islamic architecture that can be found online.  Sites in our database span the globe. Follow us on social media to see a site in located in each country represented on Archnet, starting today with Rambu House in Kabul, Afghanistan. Originally constructed in the 18th century and restored in 2006, this house is described on Archnet as one of the finest homes in the Asheqan Arefan quarter of Kabul’s old city and one of a few remaining homes that retain timber patai screens (a façade system of sliding timber windows and fixed […]