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strategic priorities

As the MIT Libraries advance the recommendations of the Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of Libraries, we must prioritize the work needed to close the gap between our current and future resources, services and capacities.

We will systematically shift the Libraries service portfolio, culture, and governance to align with our mission and vision, all of which are grounded in our values through these priorities.

To advance scholarship, research, and knowledge creation, in alignment with the MIT community’s needs, we will:

  • Reorient our service portfolio towards innovative approaches that support emerging digital forms of scholarship, teaching, and learning and provide essential resources and services to critically and effectively create, use, and share information
  • Leverage our resources, reputation, influence, and expertise to support and, where appropriate, lead, global collaborative efforts to create more open, equitable, accessible, and durable models and systems for information exchange;
  • Make scholarly content generated by MIT more open, accessible, and durable.
  • Optimize and upgrade all existing core systems and technical infrastructure to address technical debt and ensure the success and sustainability of an open content platform;
  • Continuously assess and adjust the service profile of library spaces to achieve an optimal balance among core functions of holdings, learning, community, and creating
  • Develop and articulate a research agenda aimed at defining, understanding, and solving grand challenges in information science and scholarly communication and establish a research initiative to advance this agenda
  • Equip, empower, and inspire staff to leverage their unique skills and interests, and to pursue new knowledge — individually and collectively — so all can effectively and meaningfully contribute

The vision expressed by the Future of Libraries Task Force reconceives the research library as an open global platform. Such a library does not yet exist, and the Task Force has challenged us to invent it. As we work to build a library of the future, we must also reimagine and reinvigorate core library functions, consider how best to use library spaces, and ensure that our new library serves the needs of all our communities. As such, the strategic priorities listed above are not meant to be a comprehensive list of the work we do or the services we provide; rather they articulate the areas of investment and focus that are most critical for enabling us to enact our new vision and mission. Collaboration and continuous engagement with the communities we serve (at MIT and beyond), as well as critical use of data and other forms of evidence, will drive our decisions and our strategies.