MIT-Springer Author Rights Agreement

MIT and Springer have renewed an established agreement that extends reuse rights to MIT authors of papers published in Springer journals.

Any article written by an MIT author and published in a Springer journal that the MIT Libraries subscribe to, in the period of 2009 through 2017, may be posted immediately on the author’s or author’s departmental web pages, and after 9 months, may be archived and/or deposited in any repository for noncommercial purposes. These rights allow for posting to subject-based or other open repositories (including for example arXiv, or CogPrints), and for use in MIT’s OpenCourseWare, nine months after publication.

MIT-authored Springer papers can also be posted openly in MIT’s open access repository, DSpace@MIT , nine months after publication. In keeping with the MIT faculty’s commitment to open access to their research, our goal is to share as many Springer papers as possible.  As part of the agreement, Springer will be assisting with this process for the manuscripts of articles where the MIT author is the corresponding author.

Under this agreement, authors should sign the standard Springer agreement, and do not need to submit any author’s addendum in order for these reuse rights to apply.

To submit a Springer paper to DSpace@MIT:

Send a message with the file(s) attached to  If you are the corresponding author on the paper, and it was published in 2015-17, the final manuscript will be supplied by Springer under this agreement.

Please send the final submitted manuscript, not the final published article, as we have agreed to post the final author’s version, with peer review changes incorporated, but before the article is copy-edited and formatted by Springer.

Background about the original 2009-14 agreement with Springer is available in an article published in Research Library Issues.

If you have questions about this agreement, please contact