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Spotlight: Open access & publishing talks

The MIT Libraries offer workshops and talks to students, admin staff, and researchers on OA and publishing topics. Please contact us if you’d like more information or to book us to speak to your group. Our talks include:

  • Author rights: When you publish in scholarly journals, you’re usually required to give up some rights in your work. In this workshop, we show you what to look for in author contracts and discuss ways to retain rights to share and reuse your work, including via MIT’s open access policies. Slides from the latest workshop on author rights (pdf)
  • Open access agreements with publishers: MIT Libraries has signed more than half a dozen agreements with publishers that fully pay for MIT authors’ OA publishing in journals. These new agreements are different from the OA policy. This talk gives an overview of how the agreements work and who they’re for. Slides from the latest OA publishing agreements talk (pdf)
  • Open access at MIT: This session gives an overview of MIT’s open access policies and how they work, who they’re for, how we implement them in the Libraries + other OA topics depending on the audience. Slides from the latest OA talk (pdf)
  • Promotion & tenure & open scholarship: Tenure is at the core of academic life, and though the processes and policies can be ornate, messy, conflicting, opaque, gendered, they are also many years in the making and are hard to change. This talk takes the view that fundamental changes to P&T are needed if we want open scholarship to succeed. Slides from the latest promotion & tenure & open scholarship talk (pdf)
  • Social networking sites & article sharing: This talk explores tools to share research articles, including Twitter, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and; issues to consider when sharing articles; and sharing options at MIT and elsewhere. Slides from the latest social networking sites & article sharing talk (pdf)

Contact us for more info: