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Pomeroy and Harris

Herb Pomeroy and Fred Harris in 2003.

In 2011, the Pomeroy family generously donated Herb Pomeroy’s personal collection to MIT. Many thanks to the Pomeroys and to Fred Harris, Director of Wind and Jazz Ensembles at MIT, who assisted in obtaining the collection and preparing it for delivery to the Institute Archives and Lewis Music Library. Herb’s longtime friend, fellow Berklee faculty member, and close professional colleague, Greg Hopkins, created the original annotated list of Herb’s professional library of jazz ensemble music.

The lead donors to the Pomeroy Collection Processing Fund are Michael D. Good ’79 and JoAnn P. Close ’82. Their generous gifts over the years spearheaded the work with this collection.

Other donors include: Ann Elizabeth Ames ’99, Daniel E. Bickerstaff ‘10, Howard S. Boles ’77, David J. Bondelevitch ’85, Richard A. Cohen ’82, Lampros M. Fatsis ’77, John J. Frishkopf ’85, Mindy A. Garber ’82, Robert W. Keener ’75, Bryan P. Knight ’86, Scott P. Lichtman ’88, Arlene L. Marge ’88, Charles R. Marge ’84, Angela Markert ’75, Sanford J. Morganstein ‘65, Catherine Parham ’82, Pfizer Foundation, Joseph A. Post ’82, Christine M. Reif ’84, George W. Scherer ’71, Shizuka, LTD, Josiah W. Schwab ’09, Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving, Jamshied Sharifi ’83, Priscilla T. Stoyanof ’07, Michael T. Strauss ’79, John M. Wilson ’84, and Jeffrey G. Yorker ’82.

David J. Bondelevitch ‘85 recently conducted research on Herb Pomeroy in the Institute Archives. He had these words of appreciation for the Pomeroy Collection Fund donors:

“I would really like to thank the donors for making the Pomeroy Collection available for research. It would literally have been impossible for me to think about writing a book about Herb without the extended access to his personal archives that the library has given to me.”

Thanks to all donors for their generous support!