Upcoming IAPril Events!

Learn how to find and use information more effectively in these hands-on workshops.

**NOTE that different events will be happening throughout the month of April. Click here for a complete listing of events.**

EndNote Basics

WHERE: 14N-132 (Digital Instruction Resource Center – DIRC)

WHEN: Wednesday, April 11, 5-6pm

EndNote is a “personal bibliographic software” package which allows you to create and manage a database of bibliographic references. Your database can be used to automatically generate in-text citations and bibliographies in your manuscripts. It can also help you organize and manage your PDF files. This session will be a hands-on practicum. Attendees will create a personal database of cited literature by importing references from resources such as Barton, Web of Science, PubMed and other sources of published literature. You will learn how to search and manipulate databases, and to generate a manuscript and bibliography.

Patent Searching Fundamentals

WHERE: 14N-132 (Digital Instruction Resource Center – DIRC)

WHEN: Friday, April 13, 12-2pm

While you won’t come out of this session qualified to be a patent attorney, you will be able to successfully find patent references from all over the world and know how to obtain patent text and diagrams. The session will be a hands-on practicum which will help de-mystify the patent literature and expose attendees to key resources for finding patent literature. Using patent literature is important for understanding competitive technologies and keeping abreast of current product innovations.

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