New textbook submission form sends requests to Libraries and Coop!

MIT Semester Books Submission Form

The Textbook Information Provisioning (TIP) group, a joint effort between the MIT Libraries, IS&T, DUE, the Coop and others, launched the new MIT Semester Books Submission Form on October 13th. The new form serves as “one stop shopping” for submitting course reserves requests (print & electronic) and Coop textbook orders for the upcoming semester, enhancing the service implemented last summer.

The form was developed in response to the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA 2008) federal mandate, which requires all academic institutions to provide specific information about required and recommended textbooks, including ISBN and publisher’s purchase price.  The information must be published in the Online Course Listing in time for pre-registration. Advance knowledge of textbook requirements will help students reduce their book expenses by allowing them to compare various book retailers, or by planning their course load to spread out the cost of texts.

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