Stanford School of Education Faculty Vote for Opening Access to Their Work

The faculty of the Stanford University School of Education voted unanimously “in support of greater openness in scholarly and educational endeavors,” by adopting a policy June 10 that will require all of the faculty’s scholarly articles to be available openly on the web.

This move is the first by a School of Education, and follows similar policies, aslo adopted by unanimous votes, by the Harvard Faculty of Arts & Sciences (February) and the Harvard Law School (April).

The policy will give Stanford University a license to post the Education School faculty’s articles online at no cost to readers; as with the Harvard policies, waivers may be requested and will be granted.

The policy emerges “in recognition of [Stanford University School of Education’s] responsibility to make its research and scholarship as widely and publicly available as possible” and commits the faculty to “taking advantage of new technologies to increase access to its work among scholars worldwide, educators, policymakers, and the public.”

More information:

The full text of the motion is available in Peter Suber’s blog story about the vote.

Information about what MIT Faculty are doing in support of more open access to their research outputs is available at the Scholarly Publication website.