Sofia Ponte’s “Dreaming Lounge” presentation Friday, April 11

Sofia Ponte will be giving a brief presentation in the Reading Room from 12:00 to 1:00 Friday, April 11.

Dreaming Lounge - Sofia Ponte

The Dreaming Lounge is displayed at Barker Engineering Library from December 2007 to April 2008. It is a device created for resting and studying in libraries reading rooms while creating a performative space for day-dreaming. It brings evidence to a day-sleep situation while discussing ways for humanizing the experience of relief, rest and survival in the public domain. Libraries reading rooms are places where we often see communal resting, sleeping and dreaming, all mental conditions that affect and influence our behavior in the private and public sphere. The Dreaming Lounge encourages this situation in public as a way to generate a social space for reflection. After resting, one is more able to recognize changes, to continue to relate ideas, and to learn more about them. Barker reading room is situated under the MIT dome, which has served as a reading room since 1916. The design of the Dreaming Lounge blends into the landscape of this room while creating a self-discovery experience for the user and its relation to this space.