Open Science Framework at MIT

Increase your efficiency and the reproducibility of your research

MIT Libraries is excited to announce that we are now a partner institution with Open Science Framework (OSF). MIT affiliates can now create an account or sign into OSF with your MIT credentials here (Choose “login” and then select “login through your institution”).

What is the Open Science Framework, and how can it help you? OSF is a free and open browser-based tool that allows you to create project workspaces for you and your collaborators that help you to collaborate on, record, and share your research with as much control as you like. OSF serves as a portal that connects your research workflows, documentation, and output that helps you increase your efficiency and the reproducibility of your research.

Features of the OSF include:

  • Individual user dashboards to manage multiple projects, both private and public
  • Collaborative capabilities to share data within and beyond institutions and research groups
  • Version control measures
  • Access control at both project and file levels
  • Persistent identifiers for all work and a platform to register and share work, whether in process or complete
  • Add-ons for bringing together documents, data, code, and related products that are stored in different spaces such as Dropbox, GitHub, AWS, Google Drive, and Dataverse

Additional information about OSF at MIT is available from the Libraries at Have questions? Not sure if or how OSF at MIT fits your needs? Contact Data Management Services at

Increase your efficiency and research reproducibility today, visit!