Make your research more reproducible

Join the Libraries for a series of workshops in January

Word collage with keywords from data workshopsReproducibility is a hot topic. A 2018 Nature special issue on challenges in irreproducible research noted that “there is growing alarm about results that cannot be reproduced.” In 2019, the National Academy of Science, Engineering, Medicine (NASEM) published a consensus report on “Reproducibility and Replicability in Science” to highlight reproducibility as “obtaining consistent results using the same input data, computational steps, methods, and conditions of analysis.” This IAP, Data Management Services is offering a series of workshops on topics that will help any researcher working with data build a reproducible workflow: 

This series includes two introductory classes on managing data:

Plus, we’re offering these specialized workshops:

To register for any of these IAP workshops, follow the links above. We hope to see you there!