OA research in the news: MIT’s influence on US economics

In his New York Times blog last week, economist and MIT alum Paul Krugman writes about the “triumph” of MIT’s economics department as described in the 2014 book MIT and the Transformation of American Economics, whose coauthors include MIT professor Peter Temin.

The book explores how economics in the United States became more math-focused after World War II, in part led by MIT economist and Nobel Laureate Paul Samuelson, but it stops around 1970. Krugman argues for the importance of the decade that followed, with graduates like Ben Bernanke, MIT professor Olivier Blanchard, and others, including himself. (Krugman won the Nobel Prize in 2008.) “[R]ight now a remarkable number of the professional economists who either play important roles in making policy or appear to have influence on the discussion got their Ph.Ds from MIT in the second half of the 1970s,” he writes.

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