MIT Press Supports the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy

The MIT Press, publisher of more than 30 scholarly journals, has confirmed that it fully supports the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy.

“We are pleased to support this MIT faculty initiative and we appreciate the role of the MIT Libraries in making it happen,” said Ellen W. Faran, MIT Press Director. Many of the MIT Press journals are published on behalf of other organizations such as scholarly societies and universities, so the Press needed to gain the cooperation of 12 different entities to ensure that its entire journals program was aligned with the Policy.

The Press also needed to revise its standard author agreements for each journal. MIT faculty authors may now check a box indicating their affiliation which flags their article as subject to the Policy. The Press has posted a separate policy for MIT faculty authors which affirms that they may post their articles on their personal websites or in their institutional repository as soon as the final published version is available. This represents an exception to the MIT Press policy which requires standard embargo periods of 3 to 12 months after publication.

The Press is providing significant support for MIT authors by allowing MIT to copy MIT-authored articles from the Press’ website for posting in MIT’s repository. This means that authors do not need to submit their manuscripts in order for them to appear in DSpace@MIT.


To review other confirmed publisher responses to the Policy, please see: Publishers and the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy. Publishers are being added to this web page as information becomes available.

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