Open access downloads: May 2023

Statistics from the OA collection of DSpace@MIT

Downloads this month 254,907; Downloads since OA policy began: 23,615,661; Articles in the OA collection: 50,626; Featured country: Canada; 3,977 downloadsThe Open Access Collection of DSpace@MIT includes scholarly articles by MIT-affiliated authors made available through open access policies at MIT or publisher agreements.

Each month we highlight the month’s download numbers and a few of the most-downloaded articles in the collection, and we feature stats and comments from a particular country.

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Top downloaded articles for May:

Women Empowerment and Economic Development, Esther Duflo

Natural Language Based Financial Forecasting: A Survey, Frank Z. Xing, Erik Cambria, Roy E. Welsch

The Emergence Of Multispecies Ethnography, Eben Kirksey, Stefan Helmreich

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