Now online: IMechE Proceedings Archive backfiles

journal of automotive engineering coverjournal of engineering in medicine coverjournal of power and energy cover

Backfiles of the Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers are now online!

The IMechE Proceedings Archive, which contains proceedings from 1847-1996, is available through Vera and contains multiple parts:

Part A – Journal of Power and Energy
Part B – Journal of Engineering Manufacture
Part C – Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science
Part D – Journal of Automobile Engineering
Part E – Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering
Part F – Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit
Part G – Journal of Aerospace Engineering
Part H – Journal of Engineering in Medicine
Part I – Journal of Systems and Control Engineering
Part J – Journal of Engineering Tribology
Part K – Journal of Multi-Body Dynamics
Part L – Journal of Materials: Design and Applications
Part M – Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment
Part N – Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems

The IMechE Proceedings include “technical papers, obituaries, meeting reports, technical drawings, and editorial comment, all covering some of the most influential and innovative years of engineering development.” For both current and archived proceedings, visit Vera. Print copies are also available in Barker Library and in the Library Storage Annex.